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One Nanoregulation

... at least for combating and preventing nanopollution and nanotoxicity.


Advancing along the series of articles I have made ​​dedicated to "The Roots of Nano-Fear Decoded", I have pointed briefly which are the main roots of nano-fear (or at least some of them). Some of them have already been addressed in subsequent articles published by me in NanoMedRev Blog:

This one more article I wrote about nanoregulation and the way I envision it must reposition to meet the challenges of the future. Again, m
y goal in this article is to contribute to make nanoregulation a real legal instrument to be used to its full potential by ALL Countries, thereby contributing to a better world for ourselves and our descendants.


I advocate that nanoregulation must be unique.

Put this way, this point of view seems silly and sounds like an unreasonable thing. Therefore, I have to explain and develop my idea.

I recognize that recommending that nanoregulation must be unique in the entire world is at least controversial.

There is a whole diversity of Countries, each with their own features that give them their own identity and differentiate them from all others. This is about culture, nationality, independence, sovereignty, nation, people, identity, national pride, and many other values ​​that any Country hardly (or, better saying, never) abdicates. Therefore any unification of regulation (even in the nanoscience and nanotechnology field) is and will always be controversial.

But its implementation is not impossible. Better saying, its implementation is possible.

The Engagement of ALL Countries

I advocate that ALL Countries must urgently include nanoregulation in their political agendas.

When I explained "Why Nanoregulation Must be a Top Priority on Political Agendas"this was the idea that I advocated.

My goal is that every Cou
ntry in the world must be, over time, developing (at a first stage) and implementing (at a later stage) nanoregulation.

Nanoregulation covers numerous and diverse areas of intervention. Follow just a few, among many examples:

Fields of Nanoregulation Common to ALL Countries

Moreover, the world is facing problems and threats that are common to ALL Countries. Following the alignment of the thematic scope of this article, I refer to:

  • Combating and preventing nanopollution;
  • Combating and preventing nanotoxicity.

On the other hand, I recognize that unifying these regulations in all their diverse fields are beyond controversial, a highly complex task (e.g. nanobiopharmaceuticals and nanoengineered nanoparticles in consumer goods).

Thus, what do I propose after all?

I propose that nanoregulation must be unique for ALL Countries at least in these two fields:

  • Combating and preventing nanopollution;
  • Combating and preventing nanotoxicity.

What Does Unique Mean in This Thematic Context?

In other words, what do I mean by unique?

There must be a worldwide organization with global legitimacy and mandate to exercise global uniformity or standardization of the various nanoregulations developed by ALL the different Countries, prior to its domestic implementation. This global uniformity or standardization of the various nanoregulations developed by ALL the different Countries, must cover, at least, the following fields: (a) combating and preventing nanopollution; (b) combating and preventing nanotoxicity.

Luís Bastos

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