About the NanoMedRev Blog Project

NanoMedRev is my personal blog. The thematic scope of NanoMedRev is the Nanomedicine Revolution.

Therefore, most part of articles placed into this Blog will approach nanomedicine. However, from time to time I will also approach nanoscience, nanotechnology, nanomaterials, medicine, biomedicine, personalized medicine and science in general.

Nevertheless, the "mainstream" of NanoMedRev is and will allways be nanomedicine and the "revolution" that this emerging field of science is bringing to medicine, biomedicine, pharmaceutical science, diagnostics, heath science ant the society in general.

NanoMedRev is dedicated to the following audiences
  • All communities of nanomedicine professionals (academia and industry);
  • Universities and research institutions;
  • Science students;
  • Investors and shareholders;
  • Science editors and publishers;
  • Science writers;
  • All communities of professionals of regulation;
  • Professionals of patent affairs;
  • Science education professionals (including nanoeducation);
  • Professionals of science policy and health policy;
  • Professionals of science management and health management;
  • Professional science journalists;
  • All communities involved in the debate of issues related to ethics, bioethics and nanoethics;
  • Science bloggers, science portal editors;
  • Enthusiasts of science, life science, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, nanomedicine, nanoscience, nanotechnology, nanomaterials, biomaterials, materials science and other fields of science.

In NanoMedRev Blog I give advice to the diverse communities of players involved in nanomedicine in particular and in nanoscience and nanotechnology in general. The advice I give reflect my personal views on how I see the challenges of nanomedicine, nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Regarding the assessment of quality of my advices, it seems to me wise to leave this task for my readers. 
To all the readers I can guarantee that I will strive for quality, sense of responsibility, sense of ethics and transparency, coherence and consistency of my opinions and personal views. I always try to give my best.

If, even so, my advice is not of sufficient quality, this only has a meaning for me: I still have a long way to walk (don't we have all?). That's how I am, not only writing but also in Life. I hope readers find this blog interesting, useful and constructive.

Luís Bastos

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